Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby gifts

So I because of my calling, I am in charge of the baby gifts in our ward. I wanted to do something fun and cute, but something the moms could really use! So I found this great idea on pinterest. I have heard, and when I have babysat, they were my favorite too, cloth diapers being used as burp clothes. So I decided I would spice up some clothe diapers to give to the women having babies in our ward! It was super easy, and looked like I spent more time and effort then I really did!
First step- choosing some ribbon that you like as well as some fabric that goes with it.

Next I took a clothe diaper, cut two pieces of ribbon and sewed it onto the clothe diapers.

Then I took 2 pieces of fabric, and folded them in half "hotdog" style, and sewed it to the edges of the clothe diaper.

When I sewed the pieces of fabric to the clothe diaper, I left a little edge so that I could cut it, and make it look like the rag quilts, this picture is just after I cut it on both sides, and about to throw it in the wash before I gave it as a present. I forgot to take one after I had washed it, but you get the idea!

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Alli said...

Those are so cute!